Tuesday, 8 February 2011

DOWNLOAD: Beko / Clandestine Records Compilation

Beko DSL/Clandestine Records

Another awesome team-up with BekoDSL, the French free netlabel, after their split with La Station Radar at the end of last year, here comes another, even more intimidating set of tracks. This is Beko / Clan Destine Records collaboration of dark and sinister tracks from both label's eeriest artists. If you're not already familiar with most of these artists then there's every chance there's something in here for you; these labels overlap in the shadowy recesses of dark ambient, drone and witch house; Beko providing the whiter light to Clandestine's pulsing black strobe tracks.

When the clap beats really connect and twist with the trance you get GuMMy†Be▲R!; when the vocals come in all mournful and windswept against a craggy grey backdrop you get GHXST; then the camera pulls out and you get the widescreen panoramic treatments of Among the Bones and Malibu Wands; dark ugliness erupts from the bowels of the earth under the influence of Mater Suspiria Vision and all hell blows out through the amps of Sealings, garbled up into the last-signal-on-Earth radio transmissions of Fostercare and Modern Witch. Pop music as you knew it, once – in a memory or a dream, buried, rotten, exhumed, reanimated.

Lots of ground covered in a parallel to the Mishka Grave Wave Comp, lots of new uncovered little nooks and crannies of this nebulous and loosely knit genre uncovered here.

In their own words, this compilation is:

Links to all the artists sites are included in the download


a1-Petra Schelm - Channel The Body
a2-oFF/Gr†LL Gr†LL - Crackedemo
a3-Among The Bone - Tunguska
a4-Gray Things - Fortune Teller
a5-Ela Orleans - Light At Dawn
a6-Skylines - @ Dawn
a7-oFF - Makeupworz
a8-Drugs For Drunks - DZLIGHT (intstrumental)
a10-Sealings - Two Cups
a11-King Dude - Never Let You Go

b1-Central Asian Nervous Systems - Almost Dead
b2-GuMMy†Be∆R! - False Prophets
b3-F8STERCARE - Snowdragon
b4-Mater Suspiria Vision - The Trip Graden Of El Diablo
b5-Gr†LL Gr†LL - Organ Sunday
b6-Meddicine - Some Thing You Knew Before
b7-Modern Witch - Running
b8-I†† - Chambre Ardente Affair†
b9-Party Trash - Alone
b10-Nattymari - K1LL K1LL
b11-Malibu Wands - Sleep With Demons

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