Wednesday, 23 February 2011

DOWNLOAD: Hunter Gatherer - Fingerprint Series

Fingerprint Series


A series of 10 tracks originally recorded and released between May and December 2010 from this intriguing electronic artist.  Futuristic with that warm analgue retroism that travels through Drexciya and Autechre to land it in the same curious cosmic space as fellow Irishmen, (and all fellow Dubliners too I think) Moths, Vision Air and Solar Bears - they say two is a coincidence and three is a movement, so dare we call out this New Wave of Irish Electronica as one of 2011's major happenings? NWIE anyone? This year's Skwee? Could be.

The album download includes individual photographic artworks for each track that go some way to illustrating the music in each track, from midnight helicopter chases to moody landscapes to church burnings.

Here's the opening jawdropper Serbia to convince you to get this. The rhythm keeps snaking over itself with a never ending supply of chrome hooks and silvery sounds, a loosely pulsing beat.

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