Thursday, 3 February 2011

DOWNLOAD: Vortex Rikers - The White Queen

Vortex Rikers
The White Queen

New Ep from these German witch house oriented dark ambient producers who I have mentioned plenty times before because they just keep producing excellent releases. Synth tones score channels through the speakers, deep cosmic whorls dredged out of their soundbanks, hi hats glittering through the foggy firmament, light trails of comets and beats like the pulsing rays from distant dying stars throb and flutter amongst the swirling layers.  It's slow moving, patient, and exact, each movement slowly unfurling and morphing into the next, bursting into  muted incandescence.

This is yet another bleakly hallucinogenic crawl through their consciousness, available for free download or just $5 from Bandcamp if you care enough to contribute to their cause and show your affection. 

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