Tuesday, 15 February 2011

VIDEO: Moths - Hearts

Beautiful new track from Newbridge, Ireland based solo artist Moths (aka Jack Colleran) who joins the likes of Worriedaboutsatan, Vision Air, Solar Bears, and Hunter Gatherer in the rapidly swelling pantheon of luxuriously haunting ambient electronic producers. His Last.fm bio says he is 17 - Seventeen! Incredibly subtle and nuanced stuff from such a young artist - teenagers not being reknowned for either of those qualities.

New track <3 has a suitably evocative video - all burning blue sky, lens flare, sexualised whimsy - from Synaethesiae Films, who produced one of my favourite clips from last year in the form of Solar Bears' Dolls No idea where the footage is from, and I'm not so sure I'd be up for a roll in the sand, but they look so happy who could take anything from them? Not even me.

Moths has a SOUNDCLOUD and a BANDCAMP, whichever you prefer for keeping your ears tuned in, with four tracks available to download for free from either:

Derek Piotr - Focus (Moths Remix)

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