Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Last of the FMs

It's Sunday stats time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

This is the last time I complain about my ipod.

This is the last time I complain about my ipod. Does anyone know why itunes has to restore it every time I plug it in? “ipod cannot be recognised”. I have reinstalled it, deleted everything out of it, started again from scratch, reset everything temp-file / ipod related in my laptop, registered and signed in to everything Apple/itunes related. It just won't recognise it. Pretty annoying. I won't mention it again now, promise.

01. Peaking Lights - 49
02. Fen - 30
02. Daughters Of The Sun - 30
04. Liturgy - 24
04. ∆AIMON - 24
06. Julianna Barwick – 18
07. Seams - 15
08. Silver Bullets - 14
09. Gkfoes Vjgoaf - 13
10. Airs - 12
10. Vondelpark - 12

1 – First essential release of 2011 and my first review for the Sonic Router blog:

2a – Still intently listening to Epoch thinking it is great, like truly Great-great. Production is lovely right down to the cymbal sounds.

2b – Not Not Fun's next essential release after Peaking Lights. Hand-beaten cosmic tapestry of improv folk drone and krauty rhythms.

4a – Doesn't come out 'til May, Thrill Jockey are sending round the promos now heralding it as THE crossover black metal album. It;s not, and it won't – too full of shrieking and Metal Tones to win over anyone not already into it. But it is fucking awesome, no doubt.

4b – Finally got round to this Tundra Dubs release; grimy industrial metal tinged Ritualz-esque witchhouse. Some of it is heavy chop/screw hip-hop influenced, other parts are Skinny Puppy/Marilyn Manson riffy and dirgy. Really good.

6 – This is amazing too! Released on Sufjan Steven's Asthmatic Kitty label – heavily fx'd vocal loops, layered onto each other in different styles – droney foundations with operatic leads, all breathlessly wordless incantations and ritualistic chant. Beautiful stuff.

7 – His free download ep from bandcamp. Lovely electronic stuff. His new material is a real progression on from this – which is to say he has some serious skills –

8 – Free falling mix of prehistoric dance music, bluesy bric-a-brac, spaced-out jungle junk folk. And stuff.

9 – Love this guy!

10 – LA shoegaze/black metal duo's new free d/l. Kind of bizarre, kind of tragic in the mix of really poppy punk hooks married into walls of harsh buzz and fuzz.

10. Love this guy! Part II.

Track of the week:

20 second teaser more exciting that 30 minutes of new Radiohead:

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