Thursday, 3 February 2011

STREAM - A Death Cinematic - The New World

A Death Cinematic has been creating ominously intense guitar pieces for several years now and has released a few albums under his own A Simple Box Construction label/art project - so called because each release came housed in a wooden sleeve, though his remit extends further to include artworks with one release including a sombre urban landscape photograph booklet. Really nice attention to detail and all with the same aesthetic feel and tactile continuation of the earthy and naturalistic currents of his music. References and touchstones for his sound would be Evan Caminiti, Jon Porras and their associated bands - vast plains of landscaped tones. I would expect to see A Death Cinematic alongside Root Strata, Blackest Rainbow, Three Lobed kind of artists - I'm more surprised he hasn't had anything released through them already.

There are two pieces of news that have inspired me to finally post something about this artist - a new solo album, and a split with Brighton's Ekca Liena, whose Orb Night is one of the deepes most hypnotic pieces of drone to have floated through my speakers. The split is called Preturnatural and it is slated to be out soon on Small Doses. 7 tracks total with an hour worth of brand new music. The first 3 tracks are by Ekca Liena and the final 4 tracks are by A Death Cinematic. The artwork is being finalized and this should be out real soon.

The new solo album will be titled The New World, and will have a video produced for the track of the same name by director Freddie Lloyd - it's a piece that begins like a beatless Heavy Winged track, a violently sharp guitar tone howling and contorting as its bent out of shape. The title is taken from a spoken word vocal piece peformed by Matt Finney that forms part of the track which you can stream here.

Go to his Bandcamp for the full list of albums available digitally, or his Soundcloud for several tracks and sets, which you can subscribe to too.

Here are two tracks from The New World to stream in advance of the full album arriving.

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