Wednesday, 2 February 2011

VIDEO: Peaking Lights - All the Sun That Shines

Here's the offical video for Peaking Lights' All the Sun That Shines taken from their 936 album, due out tomorrow on Not Not Fun.

A video for this track appeared a couple of weeks ago from someone called 100% Silk - it was a really beautiful transclucent thing, very light and slight. I had it queued up to post, but it disappeared and hasn't resurfaced. It's a shame that's gone, I emailed Silk about it, but no reply.  Strange happenings out there in Vimeoland.  Now the same song has a new video, a totally different creation, directed by Amanda Brown and Ben Shearn that pulls in a lot of Brown's obsessions with reggae and dub and the associations emphasise the island details from Peaking Lights sound. It's a good thing focussing on the bass and rhythm elements to this bands music, once you lock in to those all the microscopic detail around them pours into your ears.  That's pretty much a rule of music listening anyway, but it pays to repeat it every now and then.

A behind-the-scenes video of the making of this video, hand-crafted animations and home movies will premiere on NNF, or somewhere around teh interwebs in the next week or so.

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