Tuesday, 1 February 2011

VIDEO: Vondelpark - Hippodrome / California Analogue Dream

Here's a pair of videos from a beautifully nostalgic sounding electronic artist from London (by way of California) called Vondelpark, that makes the second of todays two things that maybe shouldn't be seen.

I have been in two minds about posting the video to Hippodrome. The chiming liquid ambience is one part Chillwave, another part electronica from the shores of Forest Swords; 2-step debased through close proximity to a year out in the wilderness of witch house; where the Wirral resident uses the misty sounds ouf Mesyside as the foundations for his sound, Vondelpark uses his childhood relationship with California to define his productions, recasting the last few years through a half-remembered heat shimmer.

As for the video, here we go: I know what he's trying to achieve with this lost childhood summer memory thing, but it's just a little girl in a swimsuit. Makes me somewhat uncomfortable.  I'm imagining that the girl is his sister and these are holiday films from their childhood, which may or may not sway opinion either way. But is that me projecting my own dark peversity on an innocuously innocent image. Well, is it? IS IT?  Dunno. Do I like the challenge it sets me?  I like the music enough on its own to risk posting it and getting the blog raided by both the lawless and the Law.

The second video, to California Analog Dream mines a similar hypnagogic memorybank and is less controversial, featuring only long shots of fully clothed children gambolling about some British summer-beaten grey dunes.  Really evocative stuff, yes, but in the wrong hands.....!?! 

Two other tracks for download can be yours here too:

Start Life (Be Side Version)

He has a 12" available from R&S Records which you can order HERE. It features the two tracks on these videos, Jetlag and Backflip (In The Sauna).

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