Thursday, 17 February 2011

DOWNLOAD: The Steven Lasombras - They Poisoned Us All

Portland's The Steven Lasombras releases this new brief 2-track ep on BANDCAMP for name-your-price monies. After the A Diamond Eye Shines... album found it's way into my top 50 of 2010 I've been on the lookout for more TSL and here it is. Actually, he found me to ask how the hell I found him to have his album in my end of year list because he doesn't tell anyone about them - that's just how I do (A: Ribs Out).

Like an industrial TV On The Radio these two tracks grind off a parallel universe of soulful pop hooks, nimbly dodging the piston heavy stomp of martial drumming dropping around them, kicking up dust and filthy noise in their wake. The first track is a little more song-oriented, the second spreads itself into a more ambient and lopsely structured artifact. It's a nice two-sided double shot of this bands capabilities, underlines the two key features of last year's album.

A Diamond Eye Shines In Failing Light is still available for name-yr-price HERE, which you should invest your time and attention on immediately.

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