Tuesday, 11 January 2011

DOWNLOAD: Beko / La Station Radar Compilation

a1_ Ela Orleans - Black and White Flight
a2_ Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier - I Panema
a3_ Archers By the Sea - Leather Jacket Dance
a4_ Terror Bird - Can't Tell What's Real
a5_ Jeans Wilder - Be OK
a6_ Holy Strays  Phrenesia

b1_ Skitter - Stutter
b2_ Yves/Son/Ace - My Confusion Your Delusion
b3_ Gremlinz - I Have To Be Leaving
b4_ Dirty Beaches - Night City
b5_ Wet Hair - The Garden Room

After releasing a massive witch housey/distorto-pop double disc with AmDiscs at the end of 2010, French digital singles label Beko have teamed up with La Station Radar to bring you an eleven track psychedelic folk/drone compilation to start the year off.  The line-up on this is as incredible as the AmDiscs split, featuring names like Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier and his luminous reverie; Terror Bird's lush plucked folk;  the angelic hypnotic trance of Gremlynz; the hypnagogic neon fog of Holy Strays; yowling skiffle/skuffle shuffle of Dirty Beaches; the bubbling sweetness of Wet Hair. It reads as a list of several of the names that might rise up out of the underground over the next twelve months, a primer for the coming months, and also, for the moment, will warm you up and shine a light into the cold January darkness.  Great range of sounds across the bands in this release, proving further Beko's awesome ear for addictive and interesting artists - a label of relentless high quality.

On top of the music, La Radar affiliated band Ela Orleans have produced a video to accompany their song, the opening track; Black and White Flight.

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