Sunday, 20 February 2011

The King of Last.fms (Radio Thread)

This weeks listening stats

This one goes up to eleven

iTunes still insisting it can't recognise my ipod when I plug it in, restoring it to factory default, so this is only plays while I'm at home, nothing from on the move or at work. I HATE YOU ITUNES I HATE YOU I DO!!!

01. Peaking Lights - 101
02. Gruff Rhys - 28
03. Twin Shadow - 27
04. Guards - 23
05. Tim Hecker - 22
06. Vondelpark - 21
07. PJ Harvey - 20
07. Heathens - 20
09. Spirit Spine - 18
10. Radiohead - 16
11. Fen - 15
11. The Soft Moon - 15
11. Star Slinger – 15

1 – Album of the year for me so far. Imaginary Falcons updated with the new wave of NNF dub sounds - heat soaked basslines – an alternative dub album way more convincing than Pocahaunted's swansong, combined with Peaking Lights uniquely intimate circuit bent noise – adds up to one long sustained eargasm. If your whole being doesn't melt into Amazing and Wonderful then you are stone cold.

2 – Been rinsing Hotel Shampoo and enjoying it thoroughly.

3 – Almost did a little cry at missing his show in Brighton.

4 – New free dnld ep of covers – Metallica, Vampire Weekend & M.I.A. All distinctly better than the originals.

5 – Stops the world spinning, creates it's own entire geology and ecosystem in it's place. Incredible, but still not as incredible as Peaking Lights – though both render me immobile.

7a – Maybe I haven't heard this properly but I don't like this very much at all. Vocals like Newsome/Bjork rips, graceless lyrics – I mean, if we want an album glorifying England this is the wrong time to do it if you're not going to go for the jugular properly. After the nation voted all wrongly dropping us in to those two arseholes we need some sterner, fiercer stuff. Certainly not fucking bugle calls. I'm not proud of this country right at this time.

7b – South African black metal straddles Cascadian post and Finnish black'n'roll. 3 demos up on their bandcamp.

9 – Still haven't got around to the blog review of this, but still can't stop listening to it.

10 – King of Limbs is alright, I haven't noticed anything especially risky – the electronics haven't developed much past their trademark skittery beat and loping bassline combo. It's easily listenable though, and I'm sure there's more to it than that. I'm hoping – I like how Separator reminds me of Adamski's Killer, and I like the video; Thom cutting loose for a full 5 minutes is well worth watching.

11a – Now this is how you make ambitious, experimental music. Epoch is significantly different to their past albums, retains their character but adds so many new ideas that complement it so well - production is huge, melody lines slide around the rhythms on epic scales, seamlessly shifting between Black Metal subgenres and throwing in new influences like it ain't no thang. Has the potential to make a bigger mark than Winterfylleth's album last year.

11b Still immense.

11c. Going to be huge too, if you hadn't already heard – everyone from Rob Da Bank to Jordan is bigging them up, so that covers the entire record buying country don't it.

Track of the week:

Lovely Italo-disco throb, free to download too: Gatto Fritto – Hex

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