Tuesday, 8 February 2011

DOWNLOAD: Greys - In Fades

In Fades

Scarborough based artist Greys has just this one release to his name so far. The two-track In Fades which was available as a super-limited cassette release on Music Ruins Lives is now sold out, but you can get for just One English Pound from the label's Bandcamp, or cut out the free download from the band up there, or stream from Soundcloud.  This is some pretty sweet, murky drone - a heady soup with loads of flavours to let stew over your taste buds - strands of tone decay and collapse into the burning rubble of overheated pedals, crackling balls of white hot debris disintegrating into the mix. The spoken word, vocal samples and field recordings work really well throughout their courses, sneaking out of gaps in the sound and being swallowed by the noiser build-ups, but occasionally fall out of harmony with the music, though that's small complaint when the pieces here show so much promise.

Greys is currently working on new material, aiming for an album release around April time.

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