Monday, 28 February 2011

DOWNLOAD: Joris Januar - Liar Paradox

Joris J/Ratbag
Liar Paradox

I wrote about the German industrial dark electronica producer Joris J a while ago, and he's now back with a split release for the blog-label Kulturterrorismus. The album is the label's first release, and it underscores their interest in the dark side with imposing conviction.  The first three tracks belong to Ratbag - a ghostly presence clanking about in the night with pitch black brain scraping noise, ectoplasmic undercurrents of bass and bottom end drone lurking about making it all dense, slimy and aggressively harrowing. 

Joris J's half is more discordant and disorienting.  Lots of smooth silky tones, distorted - eveningwear tattered and shredded with a sultry plunging neckline.  The intro to Stand Alone Complex is an absurdly jaunty blast of end-of -the-pier big band, a fountain of technicolour in the dark that just as quickly disintergrates into the mass of collapsing waveforms that it burst out of.  The ensuing tracks crawl filthily through to the end with plenty of interesting scenery to keep your ears hooked in.

More details on the site for the album HERE

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