Thursday, 24 February 2011

Review: Spirit Spine - Glossolalia

Spirit Spine

Spirit Spine is one Joseph Denney, who makes a form of gauzy shoegaze that is even more soporific and heat-warped than the likes of Wild Nothing and Minks who are playing with this similar kind of thing.  The deep saturation of echo and reverb bends the guitars like a desert mirage.  In his press-release Denney says "one may have to resort to pseudogenres like Desert Dub, Sandgaze, or Heatwave in order to describe the album" which I kind of like, because I'm all up for pseudogenres and Sandgaze sounds pretty cool, if somewhat uncomfortable.  There is an arid quality to these tracks that goes someway to deserving those genres, a parched finish to the tracks and an airlessness brought about by the dense layers and drum sounds, shifting like windblown dunes - and if you've ever seen that you'll know the impressive patterns it makes, much like this record does. Continuing the analogy there's no real standout tracks here, nothing like a rocky peak jutting out above the rest, instead they make up a whole experience, a freeflowing continuous melding of tracks each contributing it's own shape and shade to the overall landscape and it's one that you're sure has altered each time you revisit it.

The album can be streamed in full/purchased right now at the Bandcamp page.  Download the track Ocean of Sand for free HERE.  CDs are available in a limited edition run of 100, all handmade and comes with a thank-you note written on burlap.

There's also an unofficial video to Ocean of Sand featuring footage from the 1966 film Lapis by visual artist James Whitney, which you can watch here:

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