Thursday, 25 November 2010

DOWNLOAD: Мишка Presents The Guide to Grave Wave

You've probably already seen this as it's flown round the internet in viral pandemic proportions, but in case not here's the link to Mishka Bloglin's expansive, extremely thorough, beautifully presented ESSENTIAL, three disc and full colour magazine layout pdf of a disparate scene which they've encapsulated within the phrase Grave Wave


Way more than a witch house sampler this includes the obvious names like Salem, White Ring, oOoOO then goes much deeper spreading the remit across the entire world of current darkness and occult experimentalists, pulling together such disparate strands of sound in a roll-call of bands including Nuit Noir, Oneohtrix Point Never, Diamond Vampires, Soft Metals and Xiu Xiu. 

It's a persuasive footnote to a year of compelling music which has been met with an equal amount of aggressive criticism, neatly and clearly underlining the qualities of the many bands and how they all fit together into a year that has unarguably drawn much of it's potency from a richly detailed world of darkness.

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