Sunday, 13 February 2011 thread anyone?

Weekly stats f'y'all

MVLDE is only the one guy
Glad to hear it's gone down so well with you. Definitely got a winning formula nicely weighted between genres.

On holiday this week, so numbers are low. Also, again, ipod scrobbling is broken.

01. Suuns - 35
02. Spirit Spine - 16
03. Gkfoes Vjgoaf - 15
04. Karkwa - 12
04. Hunter-Gatherer - 12
04. Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx - 12
07. The Soft Moon - 11
08. Black Swan - 9
09. Burzum - 7
09. Thrash Infinity - 7

1 - quite liking this album, especially Armed For Peace, Pie IX and PVC. The video for Pie works so well with the music, like a Gaspar Noe short.

2 - got emailed this album in the week - self anointed "sand gaze". I'm not buying that, but the music is pretty interesting.

3 – new album out on new label – all awesome CA hippiefied folk-drone transcendence

4a – Playing this a lot, regularly. French Canadians sound like Elbow, Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear – and a lot better than that combo sounds.

4b – Irish electronic artist put up a whole bandcamp full of free tracks. The first track is epic. Amazing name too. -

4c – Not played this enough yet, don't know if I can be bothered to

7 – LastAstronaut up there is right – addictive. Just played it loud in the car down a rainy motorway, in the dark. Perfect.

8 – Stunning time-stopping jaw-dropping album of orchestral noise/drone. Reminds me of the Caretaker's repetition of Phrases album.

9 - Svært godt

9 – getting though all 8 albums of this project. Well worth the time, some great ideas,

Track of the week:

This, absolutely. Play as loud as possible with the lights off.

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