Friday, 25 February 2011

Sonic Router: Peaking Lights - 936

Here's something I've had in the works for a couple of weeks, but sat on until the day it actually happened, which is now. I am amazed excited to be part of the new revamp of the excellent electronic/dub/beats blog Sonic Router - not so easily defined any more, as they expand their remit to include sounds from farther out from a wider group of writers then the three who started it up, which includes me!

My first review went up this morning, for Peaking Lights incredible new record 936 on Not Not Fun.

Here's a bit, full review HERE:

"The third track is potentially the highlight, dealing in the most sensual sonic experimentation of the record; the bobbing bottom end of 'Amazing and Wonderful' is sprinkled with soft feedback ringing out in fading ripples of delay, echo heavy guitar vibrations and an intimate tapestry of muted arpeggios descend down melody lines that cross each other like dancing lovers. What made Imaginary Falcons such a warming and beatific experience is blushed through this one track, and it's soporific euphoria that transcends all that came before it."

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