Wednesday, 9 February 2011

STREAM: Moon Duo - Mazes

From the Sacred Bones Soundcloudcomes a preview of Moon Duo's new 7 track 12" due out on 29th March. Really poppy compared to the agitated electro-blues roar of their Escape album and the Killing Time ep - though their trajectory has seen them loosen up, get a little chiller and less aggressive with each release, so this isn't too much of a surprise - they can always add the street-level feral snarl when they hit the stage. Sounds like there's live drums replacing the machine on this record which would be nice, and goes some way to explaining the freer feel of the sound - no more getting pinned to the wall by the restrictive beat. I could be wrong, they may have got better at programming a bit of space into the movement, but that snare/hi-hat/tambourine sounds pretty real.

Still never going to get played on daytime radio, but it's got a floating melody and summery swing that should really make it a top down open road FM hit of solid gold - but then I'd say that about Sister Ray.

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