Tuesday, 1 February 2011

STREAM: Bradley & Geofrey: MR STEVEN'S PRIVATE SERVICE (White Rainbow & Bradford Cox jam)

Two things today that the world probably should experience for different reasons.  This first one, because it was supposed to stay unheard the second we'll get to shortly.  How this has managed to stay under everyone's radar for two weeks is a mystery considering who it involves on vocals. I posted a collab track between Adam Forkner's White Rainbow and Stag Hare last week and today I am posting this; White Rainbow with Bradford Cox - of Deerhunter/Atlas Sound infamy, as well you already know - doubling up in what sounds like a really really blitzed late night jam session, singing in a dreamy, languid drawl that drifts into some kind of reggae style skanking lope trailing off with commentary and observational ad-libs. "Next track Forkner, this ones done".  Any chance of a teaming up with Amanda Brown's LA Vampires Bradford?

Forkner keeps up his sincere trancey ebb and flow despite the ridiculousness, which works really well given that a lot of ambience could do with being injected with a shot of humour.  Well hidden inside Forkner's Soundcloud account, it can hardly stay that way for long, even if only as a curious exhibit.  Awesome genre tag too. Ha.

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