Tuesday, 22 February 2011

DOWNLOAD: Simple Eyes

Simple Eyes has the most minimal web presence I've come across for a long time - not even a Last.fm, and I can't tag the wav's out of Soundcloud, so I can't make one (I find the need to do that strangely compelling).  The six tracks in his set are lush, detailed and resonant pieces involving acoustic and electronics to produce intimate dronescapes and floating song structures.

Simple Eyes' name is Thomas, he found me on Soundcloud and I checked his stuff out and was so immediately impressed I had to press him for more info.

He has only been making this kind of music for two months, uploading his music to Soundcloud about two weeks ago. It's a quite staggering achievement to have conjured such an intriguing cocktail of electronics and low-key guitars so quickly - less folktronica, more similar to the nostalgia imbued daydream hum of Vondelpark.  I asked about the speed in producing this music, to which he says "I have been developing an idea for my own project for a while now - I guess i wanted to wait until i found a unique sound before I shared it with people."

Thomas does have previous, and continuous- he is the drummer in Calories- they're playing with Les Savy Fav at the Sound Bar, Birmingham on the 25th.  But they're a world away from his solo stuff - Like Bjork, Thomas says he is "working on another song which is made up entirely of vocal samples."  His solo music will be featured on a compilation on Tough Love Records, due out in March, and has designs on releasing these tracks as a full length in the future - and creating a Last.fm!


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