Monday, 7 February 2011

DOWNLOAD: Sounding the Deep - A Union According To Energy

Sounding the Deep are a two piece drone outfit from Kansas. The band began in 2007 with just David Williams, releasing one DIY album then another on Justin 'Expo 70' Wright's Kansas-centric label Sonic Meditations. In the summer of 2010 Williams was joined by Mike Vera to create A Union According to Energy - an indelibly appropriate title for this powerful album of brewing tension and synchronised crescendo.  It begins as light as gossamer and ends up with the track Thunderheads - another accurate allusion to the the sounds beneath; drums are brought to the forefront, beating heavier and harder until the boiling mass starts splitting the sky in violent strokes of guitar and flashes of distortion.  For fans of Eluvium, Hammock, Earth and other slow moving romantic instrumental artists.

The album is available as pay-what-you-want fom the Bandcamp page, and streamable in full.

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