Friday, 18 February 2011

DOWNLOAD: Ourobonic Plague - Moon Worship

Ourobonic Plague
Moon Worship

New album from Ourobonic Plague and it's his first on a label that isn't his own Theosophical Nightmares - released a week or so ago through none other than this season's blacker than black label AMDISCS (never know if it's full caps or what).  Another stunning album to add to the darkened halls of the Czech tastemakers, another excellent release from this Australian atmospheric manipulator. 

Moon Worship
is one malicious sounding album, a real evolution from the last album I wrote about and a villanous presence on the AMDISCS roster; no furtive attempts at conveying a scene here, this album owns the space as soon as it starts, developing tangible narratives and threads throughout with a world of rich and detailed sounds, a grim determination gnawing into the pit of each track.

What starts off burrowing out of a hive of claustrophobic tunnels soon opens out into airier, but no less foreboding terrain. Gnosis For Ellis uncoils with ominous portent, deep misty drones thrusting forward in slowly boiling waves, bursting thickly over the stuttering pulse of a beat, the rhythmic momentum following through into Wince, Speak where frazzled filters penetrate into the higher registers, leaping out of the murky mid-bass ranges that dominate proceedings. The closing track Mana is, suitably, the eeirest of the album, crawling off out of shot like a horror film's slimy epilogue - leaving that suspense and tension hanging long after the screen goes dark.

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