Sunday, 6 February 2011

Last.FM Thread Sunday the 6th of February 2011.

It's Sunday; It's weekly listening stats time.


need to do something to fix the ipod/tunes, really annoys me that it doesn't scrobble at all.

01. Thrash Infinity - 44
02. Vondelpark - 41
03. Ride For Revenge - 36
04. The Soft Moon - 32
05. White Rainbow - 31
06. Chelsea Wolfe - 30
07. The Oscillation - 26
08. Burzum - 19
09. Vortex Rikers - 18
10. Cosmic Church - 17

1 – Todd Jordan of Nullifier / My Device/ OIB Records fame recorded an album a month for 8 months, sent me the d/l links on Friday been working my way through them all weekend – drone / noise /Pseudo Nippon hip-hop collab...and 5 more. Some great stuff in here. Will be hitting the blog with it...if he gives me the o.k.

2 – Lovely electronic/guitar stuff – similar to Forest Swords if his music was distorted by heat shimmer instead of misty fog. Controversial videos here: Well, I think they are slightly wrong anyway.

3 – Been having a bit of a Finnish black metal week this week – Ride For Revenge, Cosmic Church, Dead Reptile Shrine, Goatmoon, Horna, Oranssi Pazuzu, Satanic Warmaster, Sargeist...I can feel a mix coming on.

4 – no signs of loosening its stranglehold on my listening time

5 – new album of unreleased stuff from the last few years, Stag Hare collab, Bradford Cox doss about, Boring Guitar Music. A lot of good White Rainbow to be had of late:

6 – played all he eps quite a few times without properly connecting yet, might just fizzle out.

7 – Someone recommended me this off the back of Soft Moon. Their album from '07 doesn't sound much like them, but it does sound like Emperor Machine, which was an amazing surprise – krauty noisy drone, kind of like Expo 70

8 – new album has some great ideas in it, though not realised quite to their full potential I don't think. Good progress on from Belus, awesome vocals styles, great use of real drums and tribal beats, same frostbitten buzz. Seems like Varg is warming up pretty nicely.

9 – Another deep ep of cosmic darkness from this band. Free download:

10 – more Finnish BM, world eating riffs, slow motion aural holocaust - the kind of disgusting production values I love.

Track of the week:


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