Wednesday, 9 February 2011

VIDEO: Trumpets of Death - Jason

Trumpets of Death are a Leeds-based gothic chamber folk/noise trio featuring Karl D'Silva  and brother/sister Ben and Laura Wetherill, along with Alistair Neilson who provides occasional drumming services on the album. Yeah, that's what I did say - folk noise.  The two tracks here indicate a band with a darkness at it's core - if their name didn't quite give that away.  In this album track Jason, (the video of which which the band directed and starred in) you can hear a band at the frings of certain styles, maybe sharing a certain shadowy space with Esben and the Witch - dimly lit torch songs that begin faintly, tremulously, welling up, bursting open wider and wider. In Esben's case there's a distinct post-rock influence, whereas Trumpets of Death pile on the overdriven jazz and reach their cacophanous peaks that way.

Their five-track debut EP titled Teeth + Teeth = Teeths is due out on 7th March on Tin Angel Records.


1. The Press Gang
2. The Paper Plough
3. Jason
4. Woodrows Lament
5. Cruel Ships Captain

You can also stream an exclusive non-album track, Lyke Wake Dirge / Pornoshocker, via their Soundcloud.


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