Wednesday, 16 February 2011

DOWNLOAD: Heathens - Morning ep

Just when I was wondering where all the Black Metal is on Bandcamp this pops up.  A one track release from South African four-piece black metal band Heathens.  They describe their own three ep trajectory thusly:   "The band began playing a groove oriented form of black 'n roll. With the addition of a second guitarist, they have begun producing more atmospheric black metal."

This is a pretty neat track, a feral urgency to the scrabbly tremolo, a great drop around the 2 minute mark that heralds some of that aforemetioned rock and roll referencing looseness. The drums have a nice leathery sound, less cardboardy but still boxy - which in this game is a good thing.  For an atmospheric post-BM band they don't sound that much like Wolves In The Throne Room, which is pretty refreshing, though their sound bears all the hallmarks and signifiers of it it comes off more as a cross-pollination between gnarly Finnish shops and Cascadian structures.

They have two more multiple track eps over on their Bandcamp, with less ephemeral and more Death-like gory artwork. Having only been around for a year, this is some very promising stuff indeed.

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