Friday, 18 February 2011

DOWNLOAD: Guards - Cover Songs 7"

The EP that Guards put out at the end of 2010 is still on heavy rotation in my house, good getting up music, good going out music, good music to work to. What is this music not good for?  They have a winning formula of 60's redressed through new-wave and out into hi-def/lo-fi post-milleniall/modern nostalgia/euphoria.  The fact they just put out a single covering Metallica and M.I.A. cements, melts and double-hardens that last stumbling dissection.  In short, they sound like Arcade Fire with all the fatty flaky self-conscious preciousness thrown to the winds.

I also just noticed that the Greenhorne/Willowz gig screenprint I have in my house is the same Willowz that Richie James Follin and Loren Shane Humphrey used to be in before this band. That's kind of tidy.

They have this three song ep up to download for free from their Bandcamp. Go get.

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