Friday, 1 October 2010

VIDEO: Holy Other - Yr Love

Cannot get enough of Holy Other at the moment, in particular this track: Yr Love. The Berlin based producer has sewn together the loose strands of current electronic music incorporating (consciously or not) hypnagogic pop, witch house, drag and ambient minimalism to create a 7" with a physically magnetic allure. It's such a beautiful slow-motion space-walk, like a Detroit street party held in orbit; layers of cosmic synths trails piling up on each other, blown to the solar winds as the soul vocals softly collide together. This video reminds me a lot of the recent Forest Swords video for Rattling Cage, it has the same washed out leached sepia tones and detached atmosphere that complements the music perfectly; as well as the religious overtones - more pertient here, what with the astral sounds of the music alluding to the glorious all-pervasive euphoris besowed upon us humalings by everyone's favourite sky friend.

FACT Magazine have also posted this extended pulsing ten-minute house remix from New York producer Physical Therapy

Download: Holy Other – We Over (Physical Therapy remix)

I'm calling Holy Other this year's Joy Orbison.

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