Saturday, 2 October 2010

DOWNLOAD: Radioactivic60 (Nute Records C60 mix)

Here's a new C60 mix from Nute records, this one probably the best yet, if only for the inclsion of the Factory Floor remix of Grinderman, AFCGT and Belong. Stream or download from their Soundcloud here:


Scanner - Rf Radiation
Dmx Krew - Jupiter Mission
Burning Star Core - Hopelessly Devoted
Belong - October Language
Grinderman - Evil (Factory Floor Mix)
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Bewussteinerweiternd Tonaufnahme (Einer And Zweiter Teile)
Rhythm &Amp; Sound - Imprint
Telescopes - Household Objective #2
I-F - Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (Instrumental)
Excepter - Presidence
Stars Of The Lid - Fucked Up (3.57 Am)
AFCGT - Two Legged Dog
Voice Of The Seven Thunders - Set Fire To The Forest
The Last Sound - F/C/F (John Cohen Mix)
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Suppose They Give A War And No One Comes
The Last Sound - F/C/F (Whirling Hall Of Knives Segue 4)
Van Morrison - Into The Mystic

Radioactivic60 by nuterecords

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