Monday, 11 October 2010

Zen Death Squad

Zen Death Squad have a track called Awesome Patrol on the MySpace player. You should go listen to it immediately. It's haltingly brief but in it's 1:12 running time it manages to convey an entire agenda more convincingly than most band manage in 5 minutes.  It's grinds liquid funk into a glitch prism and pops a body rocking groove into it's vital parts. They have a free download on their Bandcamp
of their remix of.....Roger Troutman's Superman.  They make their music with serious style, but not without their tounges in their cheeks.  Their line-up features a man named Halogen who makes excellently subtle ambient IDM electronica, who sent me his first album a couple of years ago and I still listen to it regularly.  Download that, a couple of others and see his extensive appearences list on his MySpace.

Here's the Bruno Costarelli directed video for their intoxicating single Galaxy:

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