Monday, 18 October 2010

Turbowolf - The Big Cut EP

Rolling straight off a European tour with Dimmu Borgir and KoЯn, Turbwolf are now setting about the UK with Dinosaur Pile-Up. Along the way they've managed to get their first big fat 4 track EP finished up and released. The artwork has a ring of cosmic 70's doom metal to it, but these jams are faster than that, but still pack the same wallop. In spite of touring with those two bands of metallers, there;s nothign Black or Nu about their sound at all; on this CD they have conjured four mystical sabre-toothed grooves and smashed them on to tape with as fresh and effortless a zeal as any rock band currently kicking up the country. And it comes with stickers!

Order it from them HERE

1. Ancient Snake
2. The Big Cut
3. Things Could Be Good Again
4. TW2

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