Thursday, 28 October 2010

DOWNLOAD: Velvet Breasts - Ancient Dream

DOWNLOAD - Ancient Dream LP

DOWNLOAD - How Does It Feel EP

Here's another good find from my recent forays into Russia - Two releases from Saint Petersburg's murky post rock duo Velvet Breasts - a band who wear Velvet Underground influences out on their sleeves and inside some of the tracks too - they even have a song called White Light. They have a sparse drum kit that is used to punctuate, and beat into strict direction, a guitarist who plays the same needling lines as Lou Reed, searching for a gap in the percussion to spike down hard on and let rip with some howling feeback and free running riffing. There's a variety of styles chopped out and jammed from the amps, a combination of teasing post-rockisms and harder body jerking aggression; of open duelling interplay, improvisations that sway woozily between determined coherence and able texture heavy ambience - leaning heavily on delay and reverb pedals they fill up the space with an engaging horizon on which distant shapes are scratched out, emerging warily from clouds of feedback and static; slowly pulling focus before crescendoing into stark clarity.  When their tracks open out they really pull.

There's plenty good moments across these two releases, so if noisy lo-fi post rock is your thing this should suit you well; and if you fancy showing your appreciation you can also buy their Ancient Dream LP from Ukranian label Taqueot.

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