Thursday, 30 September 2010

Brian Eno - 2 Forms Of Anger

If the news of Brian Eno's upcoming album Small Craft On A Milk Sea hasn't reached you yet then know that it is due out on 1st November on Warp Records; an incredible sounding combination that's almost too good to be true - and this teaser track on the Warp Soundcloud site adds another level to the anticipation, dropping straight onto a humbid percussive canter that tightens it's rhythm until a full kit beats out a loose rock dash to the finish.  behind the drumming are the kinds of fizzing and hissing geological sounds found in the landscapes of Ben Frost - a case of the past master learning off his pupils, this track appears to be acknowledging the progress and youthful innovation of someone like Frost then subsuming it into his years of experience and subtly deploying it in the midst of the metallic scratching of amplified guitar strings and that hypnotic tumbling groove.  This is a pretty addictive little track that has a tidy progression and delivers tension, release and some awesome sounds.


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