Tuesday, 5 October 2010

DOWNLOAD: Joris J - Fresco, Focal, Fratricide

Joris J
Fresco, Focal, Fratricide


Joris J is a Berlin based noise artist who produces quietly harsh ambient soundscapes that slowly mutate and develop like bacteria cultures across the speakers. He also runs a music and literary oriented English/German language blog called Goat Germs, devoted to the similar styles of his music. The appropriately titled experimental electronics net label Weird and Wired have put out his six-track Fresco, Focal, Fratricide album as a free download.

The album begins with a translucent electronic shimmer in a track titled as a cultural signpost to the political background of the album -  November 22, 1987, references the date Bryce Lynch hacked into a Chicago broadcast of the Nine O´Clock News and Horror of FangRock replacing them with a cyber-punk transmission from Max Headroom.  The album slowly grows from this seed of insurrection through the po-faced comedy of the 28 second Nearly Half A Minute into the Ben Frost like seismic eruptions of barely contained violent energy in Sheet of Corrugated Metal.  The album closes with the nicely weighted seesawing tidal sine drone of Waiting for Mount Analogue slowly drawing the tension away from the previous track and easing the tense pressure out like a whole Stars of The Lid album.  At just of half an hour, it has a compactness that other artists might forsake through teasing out these same pieces for over twice as long, and as speculative an accolade as that is, this album's success is in it's coherence of which that brief running time plays it's important part - each track stays for just long enough to take effect then it's out. A lesson learned from the hackers that inspired it.

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