Wednesday, 27 October 2010

DOWNLOAD: I†† - Preliminary Invocations

Preliminary Invocations


On Monday I put up a new track from husband and wife duo I†† in advance of this: the full AMDISCS released album, Preliminary Invocations. Like I said before, it's the unrefined nature of this that really makes it, and yet again (after Dream Boat) I get to say that AMDISCS release an album with a vision, narrative and form that attempts to create something cinematic, sounds steeped in the creepy and ghoulish; but if it comes off as unrefined, it's only in the same way that early horror films seem somewhat unconvincing with their fake blood and plastic teeth - they were the best tools their creators had at their disposal, and are just a small illustrative, symbolic parts that work in unison with the greater ambition of the story they wish to convey - and that is certainly true of this album; if you pulled the mixes apart, each element wouldn't work, each sound seeming a little slight when thrown into relief - but when they work together, as one heaving, shifting mass then it really starts to bite hard into you.

Starting off as definitively witch house as you like, the violent open handed slap of the clap beats on dis†▲n† make their presence felt with a sharp and deliberately punctuated pace. Following that the shadowy presence of drag gets sucked into the mix; the digital fx of covergirl tear into glottal vocals and drop their guttural pitch shifted remains into an abyss of panning synth scree; then Golden RΔtio drags them even deeper in an oOoOO style.  The following two tracks put the screws into the distortion elements throwing eddies of caustic shortcircuiting atmospherics and outright noise into the middle of the album, backed by the 808, giving it an air of the more primordial †‡† pieces. Goetic Terra lays a darkly howling guitar tone with shades of doomy black metal under a fabric of glitching feedback and from there the album slowly winds down through a final few tracks experimenting within a different palette of supernatural tones, slowly screwing down the tempo, pushing the bass around into moaning silhouettes against the darkening shades that draw around the three final chapters until the final clanking wheeze of The Vibratory Formula of a Bast shivers to a climax.

It all makes for one of AMDISCS more gothically sinister releases, nicely timed for Halloween, and puts I†† up there with some of the better producers of the witch house genre.

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