Tuesday, 5 October 2010

DOWNLOAD: Anji Cheung - Ghosts of Dead Lords

Anji Cheung
Ghosts of Dead Lords

Anji Cheung is a name you should be getting used to seeing on this blog; not too long ago I posted up a review and sample track of the aquatic-oriented concept album she recorded as Island of Raiell with Lou Keech; then Vessel of the Earth, a bleak and turbulent dronescape with the Belgium based dark ambient artist Sequences. Ghosts of Dead Lords is Anji's second solo album and it's been self-released as a free download.
01 – Rejoice
02 - Hall of the Mountain King
03 - Caer Caradoc
04 - Argument of Periastron
05 - Hava Ag Puja
06 – Alvajocanto
07 – Zhang

Anji played and produced all instruments and sounds on the album, except for the vokkils on the opening track Rejoice. Contacting her friend Ghaith, aka Grief, from Art of Burning Water to throw down a range of screeching, hissing and growling was an inspired decision as the steadily intensifying layers encroach on the light of the track, twisting it from it's refined beginnings as a piano note studded atmospheric doom piece, towards a raging deranged finish. It's an arresting opener, setting the scene for an album that shifts gracefully through styles on the heavy side of ambient; Hall of the Muntain King features gently cooing vocals and a singing bowl-like ringing that sounds like early early Pocahaunted, Argument of Periastron returns the sound to a dense caustic buzz as a pealing chime slowly swirls around the advancing swell of doom riffing that rises out of the murk at a geological pace.  The steady progression of the tracks teases out an absorbing the interplay between obfuscated vocals, modulated frequencies and seismic riffing in a very West Coast fashion, with maybe tainted more true Metallic than the Bay Area psych scene but this comes highly recommended for people who dig the murkiest Not Not Fun jams.

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