Monday, 11 October 2010

DOWNLOAD: Seeing Suge - Breaking (Blackbird Blackbird, Emay & Starslinger)

Three way collaborative release between Blackbird Blackbird, Starslinger and Emay that goes against current conventions and pitches UP a Memoryhouse sample, floating it on a gently epic production, with the first chillwave rapping ever from Emay, his gentle voice and softly rolling rhythm fitting sweetly onto the cloudy beats. After the lead track each artists gets their own piece to flex on and things get slightly unhinged from thereonout - a glitched Artha Franklin sample, some muddied ambience and over tweaked pitchshifting make the four track trip well worth a spin.

Get it from Bandcamp or Mediafire

<a href="">Breaking by Seeing Suge</a>

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