Monday, 4 October 2010

DOWNLOAD: Kohwi 's Psychedelic Sleep Music

Kohwi is the one man band moniker of Cory Levinson, an enigmatic sound manipulator from Ann Arbor Michigan who describes his work as 'psychedelic sleep music' - which may be one neat way to sidestep the Hypnagogic word, because it does fit into both quite elegantly.  His music is created by disrupting the time continuum with disorientated splicing and fx reworkings of olde vynal samples, melting the original forms into slowed and skewed landscapes populated by fleeting beats and glitches in the matrix.  For me, it's a little too lively to sleep too, but his work has a pillowy soft aura around it that finishes the new electronics with a matt pallor to allow them to naturally commune with the muted crackling of the old vinyl.

All his releases are available to download for free from his Bandcamp:  There's the most recent single track Tides, which immediately deploys an arresting guitar strut then quickly begins unpicking it and destabilising any foundations you thought you'd settled on:

June's double track REM/Play With Me comes from an equally left field; the first song is a bit more minimalist while the second deploys a whole lotta vinyl samples:

Finally, he has a beautifully flickering remix of Blackbird Blackbird's Pure than harmonises Kohwi's fondness for glitched stutters with the swooning prettiness of the original.

Full set of links:

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