Tuesday, 12 October 2010

DOWNLOAD: C0ld L▲k3 - Funeral Jah

C0ld L▲k3
Funeral Jah

Beautiful new free dnld from an enigmatic, almost invisible, artist who just gets more and more intriguing with each album - and he (I assume) keeps firing them out without barely a breath inbetween. The first album toyed with Noise and Black Metal, the second built on that adding in more electronic elements and this third one has gone all out electronics. The primitivism is still there in the form of freeformed percussive grooves, but this really lifts itself towards the dancefloor with a mid section that houses Drum&Bass and techno between it's noise walls;, a feeling of open air parties descending into chaos as five or six soundsystems battle to be heard over each other. The defining similarity between the releases is the overboard obsession with L33t spellings and no spaces, just a crammed up jumble of symbols.

This new one starts off pretty dreamy on the opener, a form of ska mired in the foggy dirt and muddy waters of the haptic void between Hypnagogic Pop and Witch House; the rubber pogo of the bass flex and beat slowed to a wide disorienting lope. After the initial wayfinding and scenesetting the album shifts texture to the bubbly, ripply and trippy on N4TTYKN0rmx, quickening the pace with jungle drum rhythms, face down to the floor as it's mind as far out as possible to give the album enough velocity to blasts out into the cosmic tribal judder of the third track YBRD. Now, having shifted dramatically from the soupy preumbra it began in, it almost seamlessly segues into TR0P4's landscape of strafing lazer beam fx, gibbering vocal loops, haunting descending echo and more Konono No.1 style overdriven percussion battery - totally epic, dancefloor centric, yet still not clean sounding, so destined to remain a blog haunting wraith rather than floor filler. The closing S7V7N delivers it's oscillating ambience as a violent Oneohtrix Point Never, a space traveller ravaged by solar storms and cosmic radiation, mutated into a gnarled image of a former beauty.

Part of the appeal of this sound throughout is the scale it attempts to achieve on a very grounded budget and homespun equipment. Each track picks up a thread from the last, doubles it in intensity and adds something new, so travelling further into this album takes you deeper into a cryptic maze, yet leaves a string pegged out from the start to follow back to safety. It would be as incredible, as it would be unlikely, for this to be produced with some hi-res equipment and come off like a cross between oOoOO, Daft Punk and Menace Ruine - a euphoric odyssey through psychologically stimulating textures.

There's very little trace of this person on the web, just a sparsely populated Last.FM entry, no myspazz or other traces; so here you go:


Get your hands dirty with his last two releases : First ep is available HERE, and the second HERE

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