Monday, 18 October 2010

Gkfoes Vjgoaf - Light Weaving

Gkfoes Vjgoaf
Light Weaving
Courtesy of Ace of Tapes and Microphones In The Trees

Gkfoes Vjgoaf is Sean Conrad; a US based New Zealander who has been producing a kind of sunburned psychedelic folk of increasing detail over the last couple of years, slowly teasing and pulling at the strands of ideas and trains of thoughts until arriving at his current sound of slowly repeating cycles of sighing drone and shimmering ambient beauty. Like his previous albums there is an air of the retro about Light Weaving, of a distant psychedelia, but one that is resolutely of the now with it's submersion into a transcendental state of repetition and vibration. This is as much for the hypnagogic pop voyager as it is for fans of rough hewn folk.  The kind of freaky fried sounds of Skip Spence and Rocky Erickson time-stretched to the current era of Peaking Lights, Amen Dunes, Lucky Dragons and a large pasrt of Finland's Fonal folk-drone roster; these bands all share a similar ramshackle texture and organicly happened upon feel as Conrad's work, but where an album like Imaginary Falcons had a close playful human intimacy, this communes with nature in a similarly tender fashion, until all passions are unleashed in the final track Celebration Into The Light that layers up one of the most shapely and resonant riffs of the album into a post-rock crescendo of blinding magnititude, just as the title implies.

In his own words;

"Light Weaving is a way of imagining the universe. It is the oneness of all things and the constellations that we use to engage with the world. The music of Light Weaving is building things into nothing. Ebb and flow. These are autostereogram-like sounds for all seasons, unfocus your ears and take in what's really happening... Specifically though, it is a set of live instances recorded in my parents' living room and reorganized on tape in June 2010."

Conrad has made all his previous Gkfoes Vjgoaf tapes and CDr releases available for downloading from these links.
Magic Days (Ace of Tapes, 2009)
Tiger Elephant Panda (Self Released, 2009)
Howl in the River Cave (Self Released, 2008)

What is a Dream Earth Bed (Self Released, 2008)

And finally, here's a video for Winter Fields Through Summer Eyes from last years Magic Days album

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