Sunday, 3 October 2010 Thread everyone let's talk

This week's listening in pleasureable stats form across the DiS/NFR axis

Still all about George Lewis Jr.

Don't feel like I've listened to that much music this week and the numbers in the stats reflect that.

01. Twin Shadow - 77
03. Deerhunter - 33
04. SALEM - 25
05. HOLY OTHER - 23
06. Drudkh - 20
07. Gayngs - 18
08. Stargazer - 17
10. Burl Ives - 14
10. of Montreal - 14

02 - Replicating the sounds of Rifts on my iphone synth app is going surprisingly well
03 - Got Halcyon Digest yesterday. First 3 listens have been joyous occasions. What a beautiful sounding and elegantly composed album.
04 – True dread occult euphoria
05 – I'm thinking Holy Other is this year's Joy Orbison. Similar kind of amalgamation of current sounds but a dissociation from predictability, beautifully honed toned and contoured musical narratives.
06 – new album is some awesome slow burning forest metal
08 – Profound Lore are still on form. Can't think of the last album that label put out that I haven't liked. This is to death metal what Krallice are to black metal.
09 – and this band are like nothing else.
10B – Got False Priest yesterday too, but only listened once so far because Deerhunter has been more immediately compelling

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