Monday, 4 October 2010

PREORDER: Islet - Wimmy

I am just discovering Islet . They're quite a propulsive, rhythm heavy take on post-indie-rock, although that's as weak a dropped genre as any and doesn't explain their sound so much, but it's a sound that certainly takes a lead from the epic scope of the Explosions In The Sky or And So I Watch You From Afar's of this world, whilst also retaining a very Indie sensibility at it's core - illustrated by recent tour dates with Los Campesinos! It's the vocal deliveries that lock them down into the realm of indie, but there's so much other stuff going on it runs off as a free-flowing hybrid of tone and dynamics influenced by everyone from Can to Campesionos.

A mini-album titled Wimmy is due for release as a 12" & download on 11th October from Shape Records (Turnstile).  You can download the free teaser track Ringerz HERE which has the feel of Afrirampo in the shuddering delay of H.Hawkline's yelped vocals.

Full tracklist:

Horses And Dogs
Dust Of Ages
Living In Manila

PreOrder Wimmy and buy their previous 12" Celebrate This Place now from Rough Trade HERE

Here's another, slightly different, insight into the bands sound from that last ep Celebrate This Place, that was released this summer.

They have no MySpace, but that's no big deal no more, they're ahead of the game there.No new bands will this time next year, for sure. ByeSpace!

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