Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Gremlynz - White Rot

Reposted from God of Blues, because this is as ace and eerie as waking up and finding the world empty.

So I'm coming up off this Gremlynz release that I recorded at the beginning of this month. I'm hanging out, it's 7AM, highly early fuckin weirdo time for me. There's rain pounding down outside, and a calming, cool has set in. There's a fucked up, ominous, eerie ambiance that surrounds my hometown, which I've had to move back to recently -- unfortunately. I can't explain it. Maybe it's a vibe that everyone feels in their hometown, but I like to think that that's just this place. I like to link there truly is a reason for the freaky vibes, like maybe it was developed over an ancient burial ground or something that presents some vague sense of terror on some level.

Done a lot of walking around the past few days, and watching these rust colored leaves drop and tussle with the wind has been a delight, but that odd, creepy atmosphere won't leave. I'm totally ok with it. I actually embrace it. It's a part of my psyché, and without it, without that odd zone to crawl into and take in, I don't think releases like this would be possible. That feeling is sort of necessary, I feel.

Cut out and keep


 Gremlynz - White Rot (Excerpt) by pinkpriest

Here's also links to the 22 copy released Gremlinzz casette on Dial Square Tapes that they've given out since it sold out. Again, as ace as the spades that dig yr graves.


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