Wednesday, 13 October 2010

VIDEO: LA Vampires (Feat. Matrix Metals) - Make Me Over

This is the brand new LA Vampires video and lead track from the forthcoming collaborative album with Matrix Metals. The LP So Unreal will be out in November on Not Not Fun  You can tell it's Matrix straight from the off, as that deep well of clanging rotating burble kicks in, a suffocatingly heavy vortex of disfigured psych. Awesome. Then Amanda Brown drops in with her unique brand of reggae-rapping (which she's steadily improving on) and gets away with it because the momentum and constant flux of Sam Meringue's music keeps cauterizing her stray ends. She had a piece up on Dummy Mag last week about a choice track she's been into recently, in which she acquits herself slightly better than the Wire interview a couple of months ago.  I dunno, I love her music and I can follow her threads when she waxes enthusiastic but she also manages to cripple herself with statements of dubious veracity like " Lately, there’s been this disgusting overgrowth of ’80s fetishism and I love to claim I’m entirely above it" whilst producing entirely 80's indebted records.  Easily my favourite most frustrating artist ever.

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