Sunday, 31 October 2010

IT'S HALLOWE'EN! OoooOOOoOo but more importantly it's thread day

 This week's listening stats:

Sing and Sign makes a random reappearance

Bit of a slow, quiet week this week I think, other than finally getting the †‡†, Woe and Weapon albums:

01. †‡† - 49
02. Dream Boat - 36
03. Woe - 25
04. Emeralds - 22
05. Sing and Sign - 21
05. Solar Bears - 21
07. Umberto - 20
08. GuMMy†Be▲R! - 18
09. Wild Nothing - 16
10. Twin Shadow – 14

1 – witch house has been coming up with the goods recently; this is almost the equal to the SALEM album in terms of atmosphere setting and occult detail, really physically involving inducing euphoric rushes.
3 – Black Metal ha been delivering all year this year, the roll call of incredible releases just keeps getting longer.
7 – Not Not Fun has had a good year this year too, maybe a renaissance even after being mired in a couple of years of gungy drone. This is incredible – a combination of Goblin & Black Devil Disco Club, a soundtrack to an unmade film – witch house possessing the soul of italo disco.
8 – new album is coming!!!!!!!! another of witch house's most arresting producers.

Track of the week:

I'm going to say this, Umberto's Temple Room:

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