Wednesday, 6 October 2010

DOWNLOAD: Head in Body - Not So Empty EP

Head In Body
Not So Empty

Released in a run of 20 CDr copies and available as a free download from the Czech label KLaNGundKRaCH Records Head In Body's Not So Empty ep is a fairly fucked up cryptic noise-improv missive offerd up from deep within the bowels of the Prague underground, then released to stalk you out the club, down the darkest alleys and round the back of your house.

The first track is vocal gibberish, the second is an utterly creeped out take on Suicide, scrawling Frankie Teardrop style jibbering with a scratchy ring-modulated ghost-over scratched surface. This EP features four full pieces of looped codeine induced heart attacks, delayed gestures, neutral vibrations, real sound tears and one solo consisting of several attempts to connect a cable into a bass. Tone Hand offers up some semblance of pulse and groove, tempered with a cold-hearted edge like Cold Cave, a lot of loose atmosphere and haunted air, suspended feedback and dunk-tank distortion.

They played their first show in 2008, opening for the revered Italian sludge couple OvO, then spent "almost a year waiting for another tired person and a better mask" until the dubiously named character 'My Sister Is Pregnant' joined in October 2009 for Prague based Stimul festival. After that, the neuroticism partly hidden in early lo-fi tracks burst into a flower. The duo have shared further stages with Pansonic, Guma Guar, U.S. Girls, Noayde, or No.Pavarotti and ClapsClap at the Creepy Teepee festival earlier this summer.

This stuff is necessary.

Here's the tracklist, and just in case you missed it up there, download this madness from HERE

Not So Empty Side:
01. _
02. I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
03. Tone Hand

Not So Pregnant Side:
04. Washing Machine Motorcycle Human
05. Look At Us But Do Not Touch

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