Sunday, 24 October 2010

Wot, No Last.Fm Thread?

This week's OCD stats

Dunno where all the Deerhunter has gone
pretty sure that's been on repeat this week as much as anything. Maybe more in the car than on the stereo though, so:

01. Furze - 31
02. Guards - 30
02. Solar Bears - 30
06. Salem - 19
07. Gonjasufi - 18
07. Gkfoes Vjgoaf - 18
09. Forest Swords - 16
10. Wild Nothing - 15
10. Gayngs – 15

1 – new album is absurdly good. Barely any shrieking or other black metal kinds of vokkils on it, just loads of deep intonation set to some classic early/pre-BM kinds of riffs like Venom or Hellhammer, whips a xylophone out in a few choice places, barely keeps the drums in time with the guitars – business as usual.
2a - “alternative, doom, new wave, power pop, rock & roll, New York" – more Vintage. Went into rave overdrive on my blog about this band:
2b – Death Gate ep is some immense psychedelic maelstrom.
2c – She Was Coloured In is one hell of a cosmic album – Kraftwerk, Emeralds, Oneohtrix. Well 2010. Well good.
7b - I think I undersold this album when I wrote about it last week. It is incredible:
10a – Russia is having some kind of musical epiphany at the moment and AWOTT are a pretty full on example of what's going on. Drone + Industrial + Rock.

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