Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Twilight Owls

Twilight Owls is one of my favourite artists on the awesome AMDISCS label, with a free download available from their page that I've had on repeat since they posted it up. He just made a new tumblr blog with nothign on it yet, but keep your eye on it and see what happens.

He's a solo dronesman mixing song styles with outward looking tones - think Sun Araw, Barn Owl, Pocahaunted, Ducktails rolled over and dragged across the Russian tundra - he can move from subtle to raw to roar with the flick of a switch and does so compellingly across the tracks strewn across MySpace and AmDiscs in the various bands he plays in. He drums in two bands that are on hold at present, Радиолюбитель and He Called Himself Jesus, but he also has an active and very very promising thing going on in the form of Khmury; a psych collaboration with Prea Hrada, in which they take a atmospheric setting, play with the nuances of it, flexing and tensing; building up to a full on galloping charge.

Here's a download and video of them in action.

Khmury - Jam#1

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