Friday, 15 October 2010

FFFF: Keränen

This week's Fast and Furious Friday Feature should freshen you up for the weekend good and proper.

Keränen is the solo electronics noise project of Tommi Keränen, and Bats In The Attic is his first release under his own name, after putting stuff out on his own as Testicle Hazard, Gentle Evil, Les Manures (with Mr Umpio).  He's also played with Incapacitants, Pymathon and many others in random ad hoc line ups.Here's a track off the album for you - released on Pica Disc now

I don't put enough pure Noise noise up on this blog.  Getting dosed up on this hard wired short circuited Nordic swamp noise gabba jabber is making me nostalgic for the time when this is almost all I listened to.

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