Tuesday, 12 October 2010

DOWNLOAD: Blissed Out mixtape L8V3 +H3 W47 U L73

Here's the highly anticipated screwjam from Blissed Out, straight from the incredible AMDISCS.

L8V3 +H3 W47 U L73 is a mixtape we made sitting on a porch in Crenshaw, Los Angeles, California. The free download of our dj software runs up tonight. It features reinterpretations of a lot of the radio bangers we have heard touring out to California over the past two weeks: Far East Movement, Katy Perry. It also has a track from How I Quit Crack mixed in that we picked up after playing with her last week in Austin. We played the Smell on Saturday and Showcave this coming Friday and during downtime we have been working on new material. L8V3 +H3 W47 U L73 is a song we made that features vocals of Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl covering Rihanna and the XX at the same time.


9/11 Live at the Garden Freestyle – Notorious BIG
FLY Like A G6 – Far East Movement
Track 02 – How I Quit Crack
Rihanna – Only Girl Ryan Seacrest Exclusive
L8V3 +H3 W47 U L73 – Feat.Taylor Momsen, Rihanna, XX
BMF – Rick Ross
Night – Zola Jesus
Ghost Rider – Suicide
Teenage Dream – Katy Perry
Pop Bottlez – Feebzz

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