Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Recommender's Best Blogs of 2010

Fellow Brighton based music bloggers The Recommender have decided to compile a definitive list of the best music blogs on the web, as voted for by other music bloggers. Maybe the first large scale peer to peer vote ever undertaken and one I'm pretty keen to see the results of - I can't be the only person suffering from blog fatigue, and as compelling as it is to check out another new one every week - or day! - someone needs to help us cut through the noise and show us a list of those that other music bloggers really trust and revere; and as they say themselves " It doesn’t get more back-scratchingly awesome than this, so VOTE VOTE VOTE…". 

Jump over to them to cast your votes:

I assumed mp3 blogs don't count - at least, my opinion is that only editorial lead blogs should really be voted for. So I cast my votes this way:

Lurker – Extremely insightful metal blog, with detailed articles and interviews, always about elevated music.  
Sonic Router – The only dubstep blog you need to read. interviews, reviews, mixes.
Anti Gravity Bunny – Love the writing style of this and he’s always unearthing deeply underground weirdness.

For what it's worth, my back three, which I was really pained to have to choose between were/are:

Altered Zones - - A Pitchfork sister publication it may be, but it's like a best of underground bloggers site, and has chosen it's contributors pretty well.
The Decibel Tolls - - A daily, usually vulgar, music blog focused on psychedelic, shoegazing, space rock, folk, post rock, hauntology, ambient/noise, ...  Also has a tidy Problem With Blogs description that is decisive in it's accuracy.
The Left Hand Path - - Stewart Voegtlin and Todd DePalma's Stylus column's own site. Amazing Metal invective.

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